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Our Services

Our Services

Accounting Services

Ganaka Associates offers comprehensive accounting services, including in-house or on-site bookkeeping and reconciliations using advanced ERP systems. They prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual management accounts with statements of income, financial position, cash flow, and equity. The team identifies critical areas from monthly financial statements, actively supporting the creation and implementation of internal control systems and procedures. Accounting Services in Colombo

Charted Accounting Services in Sri Lanka
  • Book keeping and reconciliations in house or at Client location. (Eg. Recording financials transactions using ERP system, Bank reconciliations , Customer Outstanding balance age analysis , Supplier Outstanding balance aging & Stock balance reports with age analysis etc. )
  • Preparing management accounts on a monthly, quarterly & annual basis. (Eg. Statement of Income, Financial Position, Cash Flow Statement & Equity Statements with notes to financial statements)
  • Highlight areas which need special attention based on the monthly financial Statements of the company.
  • Supporting to creating and implementing internal control systems and procedures. (Eg. Maintain Fixed Assets Registers, Stock Management related controls, Cash & Bank payment related controls etc)

Audit & Assurance Services

The purpose of financial statements audit is to provide independent assurance that the financial statements are prepared and presented by the management in all material respects, in accordance with Financial Reporting Standards or another identified financial reporting framework, enhancing the degree of confidence of the intended users of the financial statements.

Timely audit process will invariably, improve management decisions, increase employee’s and investor’s confidence, better lending terms and customer loyalty. We follow six phases in the audit process, in appointment to audit opinion in complying with the general principles of an audit which requires,

  • Comply with the ‘Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants’,
  • Conduct an audit in accordance with Standards on Auditing;
  • Plan and perform the audit with an attitude of professional skepticism, recognizing that circumstances may exist that cause the financial statements to be materially misstated.

Internal Audits

We render internal audit services to assist a company assess business risks and effectiveness of existing processes and controls. As a result, the company can evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the risk management, internal control and governance processes.

Forensic Audit

We assist clients to prevent, detect and investigate illegals acts to which their organization may be exposed to, especially with regards to corruption and asset misappropriation.

Other Services

Ganaka Associates provides diverse other assurance services, including financial statements review, agreed-upon procedures, and examinations on prospective financial information. Their expertise ensures comprehensive financial analysis and strategic decision support for clients.

Tax Services

Ganaka Associates specializes in comprehensive tax services, offering corporate tax structuring and optimization, expert advice on direct and indirect tax compliance, and adept negotiations with various tax authorities such as Customs, Excise, and the Department of Inland Revenue. Their services also encompass meticulous tax due diligence audits, ensuring clients are well-prepared, compliant, and strategically positioned in navigating the complexities of taxation for optimal financial outcomes. Accounting Services in Colombo

Charted Accounting Services in Sri Lanka

Company Secretarial Services

Ganaka Associates excels in Company Secretarial services, facilitating various company incorporations such as Private Limited, Foreign-owned Private Limited, Guarantee, and Public Limited Companies. They manage Trade Marks & Logos registrations and handle matters with statutory agencies, including the Board of Investment. Acting as Company Secretary, they ensure seamless corporate compliance and governance for their clients. Accounting Services in Colombo

Charted Accounting Services in Sri Lanka
  • Private Limited Company
  • Private Limited Company-Owned by Foreign Share Holders
  • Guarantee Company
  • Public Limited Company

Trade Marks & Logos Registrations

We are specializes in Trade Marks & Logos Registrations, ensuring legal protection for intellectual property. Their expert services encompass the registration process, safeguarding clients’ brand identity and innovation.

Handles Matters with Statutory Agencies

Ganaka Associates expertly handles matters with various Statutory Agencies, including the Board of Investment (BOI). Their comprehensive services ensure compliance and efficient resolution of regulatory issues for clients.

Act as a Company Secretary

We offer expert services as a Company Secretary, providing essential corporate governance support. They ensure compliance with regulations, maintain records, and facilitate seamless administrative processes for businesses.

Human Resources Related Services

Ganaka Associates excels in Human Resources Related Services, providing comprehensive support for effective workforce management. Their services encompass talent acquisition, employee training, and HR policy development. They specialize in crafting customized solutions for personnel-related challenges, fostering a productive and compliant work environment. Ganaka Associates’ commitment to human resource excellence ensures clients can focus on their core business activities while optimizing their workforce potential with strategic HR solutions.

Accounting Services in Colombo
  • Preparing company’s payroll and fulfilling all statutory requirement associated to payroll
  • Consulting on matters related to Human Resources
  • EPF, ETF, Stamp Duty & PAYE related Services (Eg. Employers and Employees registration , Calculations and return submissions)
  • Handling process related to recruitment of professionals required to business process.

Legal Services

Our Services excels in Legal Services, specializing in Corporate and Commercial law in Sri Lanka. They offer expert legal counsel, contract drafting, and dispute resolution. With a deep understanding of local regulations, Ganaka Associates provides strategic advice to ensure legal compliance and mitigate risks, empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of corporate and commercial law effectively in the Sri Lankan context. Accounting Services in Colombo

Accounting Services in Colombo

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